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wxEphe is the EPHE version for wxWidgets.

Displays Astronomical Ephemeris for The Sun, The Moon and solar system planets, given date and observer's location
It's still work in progress.

wxEphe Screen Capture

Download (source, Eclipse based, includes linux exe) : wxEphe v1.3 (tar.bz2).

SourceForge Logo wxEphe , as a sourceforge project.

FreeCode Logo wxEphe , as a freecode project.

boinc is a bash script for unix like systems.

It prints information about BOINC projects.
It can also be used to start or stop BOINC.

Download (20 KB) : boinc 2.15 (tar.bz2).

Useful links :

FreshMeat Logo boinc , as a freecode project.

Boinc  Berkeley BOINC homepage
 BOINC is running (PID 7901)                                                     
    Application	PID	Start	CPU Time	Nice	Project
    hadsm3	24451	18:33	00:00:00  0%	19
      hadsm3	24452	18:33	00:01:19  94%	19	 |
  Project Info
    Project			Credit		Average Credit	Application
    LHC@home			3038.77		15.66		sixtrack
    Einstein@Home		7396.52		38.86		einstein	8412.05		19.70		hadsm3
    SETI@home			10694.57	20.59		setiathome
  Current Working Units
    Working Unit Name				Project			Progress 
    w1_0211.0__0211.4_0.1_T07_S4hC		Einstein@Home		100%
    w1_0211.0__0211.4_0.1_T11_S4hC		Einstein@Home		0%
    3u5i_100200843	78.54%
    11mr04ab.27915.19073.23560.254		SETI@home		75.05%

EPHE is a HP48/HP49/HP50 calculator software to compute ephemeris.

It gives data for :
Sun  The Sun Moon  The Moon HP Screen Samples
Planets  Planets Asteroids  Asteroids Comets  Comets
Stars  Stars Deep Sky Objects  Messier's
Required Configuration : HP49/HP49G+/HP50 for version 2.xx - HP48SX+128KB/HP48G for version 1.33.

Download (HP library version 2.13 and 1.33 + documentation, 405 KB) : EPHE v2.13 (zip, tar.bz2).
At your own risks, try the new hpgcc based version (beta) : EPHE v3.00 (zip, tar.bz2).

Updated on October, 4th 2014
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